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Showcase yourself, your work and your experience, with Tinyspace.

design skills and tools

A portfolio, resume and job application product that helps designers land their next gig.

Built for UX, UI, UXR, CX, experience, product, service & graphic designers.

Case studies meticulously built for designers

Demonstrate your design process, embed your wireframes, prototypes, journey maps and other collateral. You focus on the content we’ll take care of everything else.

Beautiful resumes

Show your work experience, education, side projects, awards, courses… just about anything.

Screenshot of Tinyspace Resumes

Job applications

Create unique versions of your Tinyspace for each Job Application. Only show the case studies, experience & expertise that make sense for the role.


Password protect sections of your Tinyspace, or the entire Tinyspace. You’re in control.

Screenshot of Tinyspace privacy features

Lightning fast

Build your design portfolio in lightning speed. We know you don’t have much time, so we made it crazy fast.

I was able to focus on the content within my case studies rather than wasting time on background shades, padding and plugins.

Jessie DavisUX Designer
Woman using a laptop

Simple pricing

Save 25%


$0/ month (USD)
All features, but only one project/case study.


$12/ month (USD)
All features, and unlimited projects/case studies.


$0/ year (USD)
All features, but only one project/case study.


$108/ year (USD)
All features, and unlimited projects/case studies.

Example Case Studies


MindfulTech Solutions presented a unique challenge: to craft an app that prioritizes productivity alongside personal well-being.


Transforming the way customers track their orders, elevating the overall user experience and fostering satisfaction.

Spot Sync

Our team embarked on a mission to streamline urban parking, culminating in the creation of Spot Sync.

Digital Library

The Digital Library Access Initiative was launched with the objective of increasing access to digital educational resources in underprivileged communities.

Ride-Sharing App Market

Recognizing the potential for growth in global markets, Uber seeks to understand the intricacies of regional preferences and regulatory environments


Refined onboarding For Vaccination Appointment App-VaxTrack

Frequently asked questions

Is this a community like Dribbble, or Behance?


This isn’t a place to find inspiration, ‘like’ things, or comment on other peoples work. It is simply a place for you to create your portfolio and resume, so you can send them to future employers and clients.

Can I password protect my Tinyspace?

Sure can.

You can password protect the entire Tinyspace, or just sections.

Are there a million visual templates for my portfolio and resume?

Nope. Just one.

We don’t want to over-complicate this process. Our mission is to make this very easy for you and your future clients.

A clean portfolio with structured projects/case studies, a resume that makes you look your best and the ability to embed collateral.

Set yourself apart with your expertise, work, process and experience… not a carefully selected website template… (a template that will inevitably look less attractive with actual content).

Can I completely customize the design of my Tinyspace?


It turns out that this is where 90% of people run into issues and waste time (yay for research 🙌). Tinyspace is designed to be a clean little shell that gets out of the way and allows everyone to focus on your work.

This means your Tinyspace will have the same layout as other people using Tinyspace, and we feel this is a good thing. Having a thousand options typically leads to ‘breaking’ the visual design, and wasting hours on color palettes, fonts, padding and layout decisions. We want to keep this simple, so we have omitted as many unnecessary options as possible.

You do however, have control over the structure in which you present your case studies.

Can I add collateral or examples of my work to a case study?

Sure can.

We call them ‘project items’. You can add as many as you like to each project/case study.

What is the difference between a 'project' and a 'case study'?

In the context of Tinyspace; nothing. Same thing.

How is this different from LinkedIn?

This is not a social network.

How is this different from Wix, Squarespace, Webflow or building a website in WordPress?

Great question. Hold this.

  1. We are cheaper. $12 per month (vs at least $22 per month for Squarespace & Wix, and around $29 for Webflow).
  2. We have far fewer features… which we consider a win. We hope you will use all of our features, not 3% of them.
  3. We will get you there faster. Seriously… this is crazy fast. We know you have been procrastinating on the portfolio, we all do.
  4. Our purpose is laser focused… designers. designers. designers.
  5. We allow you to create unique & curated versions of your Tinyspace for each job application.


If this is not enough. Let’s chat.

Will my Tinyspace show up on Google search results?


Your ‘default’ Tinyspace will be indexed on search engines. Job Applications (unique versions of your Tinyspace) will not be indexed.

Will I have a unique domain (url) to send to people?


Your Tinyspace url will look like this:<your-name>

Can I use my own domain name (url)?

Not yet.

We might build this feature at some point, but for now it is not an option.

Am I awesome, and should I give Tinyspace a go?

Yes… and yes.

Reach out if you need a hand with anything.